Why you must know about Push & Pull in recruitment

  • Post published:21/09/2022
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Reporting to a foolReporting to a fool of a boss is just one of many push factors. These are the things that are pushing you away from your current job.

Pull factors on the other hand are unique selling points by a company trying to attract the best talent. And keep them. We call it Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

Would you prefer to hire someone who is trying to get away from a toxic environment, boss, and colleagues? Or does it sit better with you if the candidate came to the interview because of your good corporate image and well-known brand?

What interview questions can you use to uncover the true motivation for a candidate talking to you about a job in your organization?

Push & Pull is well known in Marketing but not in HR

15The business terms push and pull originated in logistics and supply chain management but are now widely used in marketing.

In simple terms, push marketing involves pushing your product, service, and brand in front of customers to gain awareness. It could be through promotions, trade shows, packaging design, or advertising.

Pull marketing on the other hand means implementing a strategy that draws consumer interest in your brand or products

The most common forms of pull marketing include providing a subject matter expert to speak at an industry event, search engine optimization (SEO), creative social media content, and customer reviews.

10 Interview questions to check if candidate is a Push or Pull

  1. Why have you made job changes in the past?
  2. When you accepted the job, you have now, what was it that made you accept that job?
  3. What must be there for you to make a job change, today? What don’t you want to be doing five years from now? What would you like to avoid in future jobs?
  4. With what type of “boss” do you work best? Give me some specific examples of this and explain why this works for you.
  5. How do you handle office politics?
  6. What kind of people do you find it difficult / easy to work with? Why?
  7. Describe the most demanding manager you have ever worked for.
  8. In your current job, what constraints make it difficult to get things done?
  9. Tell me about a time you had to work with someone you did not personally like.
  10. When we called you about this opportunity, what was it that got you interested in coming here for the interview? What interests you about this position?

The Pull in your Employee Value Proposition

IMG-0505The employee value proposition is a part of employer branding, in that it is one of the ways companies attract the skills and employees they desire and keep them engaged.

Here are 50 ideas; go for it.

  1. Bonus, one guaranteed extra month’s salary in December
  2. Breakfast free every Tuesday
  3. BTS and MRT (public transport) within walking distance to the office
  4. Childcare, eldercare, and pet care
  5. Coffee or tea (box) to take home weekly
  6. Company car with all expenses paid, car type [insert]
  7. Competitive pay scales above industry standard
  8. Dinner twice weekly for those working late
  9. Education reimbursement
  10. Employee Stock Options
  11. Expat management (or local as you see fit)
  12. Fitness discounts
  13. Flexible hours, start work 7am to 12pm noon
  14. Free yoga classes
  15. Fully remote work
  16. Global leader in the industry
  17. Gym memberships
  18. Housing allowance
  19. In-store discounts
  20. International job opportunities
  21. Internet allowance to work remotely from anywhere
  22. Life insurance
  23. Lunch and breakfast provided daily
  24. Medical insurance cover for yourself and family
  25. Mental health coaching
  26. Mentor new moms (connects new mothers with our working moms)
  27. Mobile telephone (your choice) and all expenses paid for
  28. Office with modern technology, co-working space, and café
  29. Parental leave
  30. Parental paid leave
  31. Parking at office building paid for
  32. Part-time work
  33. Performance bonus up to 30% of annual salary
  34. Personal loan facilities
  35. Professional counselling
  36. Provident fund (pension) matching your own cut; 100% of company contribution when leaving
  37. Quit smoking counselling
  38. Relocation benefits
  39. Retention bonus of 15% of annual salary paid once yearly
  40. Retirement plans
  41. Sabbatical for up to five years
  42. Shut down days of office during year-end
  43. Spotify Premium subscription
  44. Student loan paydown program
  45. Telehealth
  46. Transport allowance
  47. Unlimited vacation
  48. Wellness-based benefits including a 25,000 THB annual gear stipend
  49. Work From Home (laptop, desk, chair, internet paid for)
  50. Working week five days (or why not four days?)

Tom Sorensen

Tom Sorensen is an executive search veteran with over 25 years of experience recruiting in Asia, Europe, and Africa. He has worked in executive search in Thailand since 2003 and is recognized as one of the country’s top recruiters and most profiled headhunters.