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Your Career?


...Even You Don’t Have The Time – Yes, Believe me!
If you get my point?

Ever wondered why you do not get more interviews or perhaps more
invitations on your LinkedIn profile?

You're not alone

Doesn’t it seem like fashion in writing profiles keep changing?


Just as you think you’ve got it; you read or hear that there are new and better ways to introduce yourself?

I’ve worked in Executive Recruitment – and that’s for a living – the last 20 years. I think it is fair to say that in my job I have seen more resume and LinkedIn profiles than most people do in a lifetime.

There are resume and LinkedIn writers. And then there are resume and LinkedIn writers.

I see many writers who are good with words but have no idea what recruiters are looking for.

Why? Because they are writers, authors, journalists, and other good people –
but they have never worked in the recruitment industry.

Years ago, I used to get bothered when I met a candidate who just paid money to a socalled resume writer…

– simply not good enough and not written to attract and to comply with the Applicant Tracking Systems that are behind almost all job boards and employers’ Career web pages.

Inside this book, you’ll find pages after pages with practical tips that will make any update of your resume and LinkedIn profiles an easy Do-It-Yourself.

You can use these techniques no matter what functional
responsibility you have,
no matter in what industry you are working.

Our e-book is an electronic version of a traditional print book that can be downloaded to your personal computer or an eBook reader.



Learn the proven secrets to create profiles that get attention, that will get your boss and colleagues take notice.


What if there was a way you could get hiring managers
and recruiters pay attention
and more importantly reach out to you?

There Is!



Inside this ebook, you’ll find an effective and proven strategy for creating the right
and exciting profiles that is proven to work.

Our e-book is an electronic version of a traditional print book that can be downloaded to your personal computer or an eBook reader.

How Do You Get People Reading
Your Resume and LinkedIn Profile?

The practical tips detailed in Your Career? Personal Branding for Top Executives hinges on one basic premise:

The Purpose Of Resume, CV, LinkedIn – to get you an interview

Being 50+ is a career asset when
you adopt this mindset

Ask yourself if you feel 50 years old or 50 years young. Take the test to see what others will likely think.
If you don’t take care of your personal brand, others will do it for you.

8 tips for not looking old in your resume
(age discrimination)

If you are older than 50 you may already have felt the pain, anger, and disappointment of being discriminated against because of your age.

In this article are 8 easy-to-apply tips for not shooting yourself in the foot, because you suspect the world may be perceiving you as too old to hire.

Age proof your Resume with these 5 tips

In fact, it doesn’t matter whether you are 43 or 63 years old; a key point for any resume is to focus on the last 10 and max 15 years of experience.
For the remaining years, write: Previous Employments: Various leadership and commercials job in multi-national companies in Asia and Europe.

Personal branding for people 50+

Do not start your resume summary with this sentence: More than 40 years’ experience.
You may ask why and what you could do instead?

This is what you get for
your money.
Table of Contents – all yours.

  • Being 50+ is a career asset when you adopt this mindset
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  • 8 tips for not looking old in your resume
  • There’s Nothing Wrong with a Gap Between Jobs
  • 5 tips to help age-proof your resume
  • Why you should also hire older workers
  • Media heading
  • Job Search Tips When You’re Over 50
  • Personal branding for people 50+
  • Your CV is way too long
  • 25 things to never put on your résumé
  • 7 tips for your resume that Headhunters just love
  • Zoom or Teams video interviewing
  • Does your LinkedIn URL end like this?
  • Delete your LinkedIn profile if you don’t use it

Our e-book is an electronic version of a traditional print book that can be downloaded to your personal computer or an eBook reader.

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General Manager: Throughout my career I have worked as a client with a large number of recruiters around the world and I must say that very seldom I came across someone like Tom. He is highly focused, extremely well prepared, sharp, most updated and an enormous source of knowledge. An outstanding, most engaging and entertaining presenter and facilitator. I have enjoyed tremendously his recent webinar and always look forward to read his most informative newsletters.

Managing Director: Just a word of thanks for your excellent presentation today on Botox Your Resume and LinkedIn. Was very enlightening and showed that I have to review my LinkedIn profile and re-work my resume.

Business Owner: I would like to formally send you this letter to express my sincere gratitude for the contribution you made in my life for over ten years and counting. Looking back, I can’t be successful today without your guidance, supervision, and mentorship.

Principal: You are the rare recruiter who takes the time to respond to correspondence and offer clarity. Much appreciated

Managing Partner: Nice to see you again and enjoyed the words of wisdom, well presented and you certainly had the entire room’s attention!

About the Author

Tom Sorensen is one of Thailand’s most profiled headhunters and has successfully sourced and placed candidates in positions at C-suite level and in management within all types of businesses and functional areas since 2003.


Today, Tom Sorensen leads his own boutique executive search firm in Thailand.


He is a Partner in NPAworldwide, one of the world’s largest recruitment networks in the world.


His blog, www.tomsorensen.in.th is a popular website for clients, candidates and competitors who want to follow best practices in recruitment.


His articles have been published for several years in various newspapers and magazines in Thailand. 


Many Chambers of Commerce in Thailand and other interest groups use Tom as a keynote speaker on subjects concerning psychometric and cognitive assessment tools, recruitment, and retention.