4 leadership competencies you need to manage Hybrid Teams

  • Post published:21/07/2021
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As some employees will return to the office, the idea of managing a hybrid team can feel like a daunting task. The good news is that it doesn’t have to be.

Hybrid Team definition

The popularity of remote work is here to stay. It has already led to an increase of managers overseeing hybrid teams.

A hybrid team is a flexible work structure where some employees work remotely (WFH), and other team members work from an office (WFO).

Situational Leadership in Covid World

Successfully leading a team in a new situation requires the proper awareness and insight before you can take meaningful action.

But be aware that similar work styles can appear differently if someone is in-person with their colleagues (same location) compared to virtual and video interactions.

Communication, decision-making, and conflict resolution can easily go wrong when your staff and your coworkers are in different locations.

Understanding each other’s natural work styles helps build appreciation for what each individual needs to be successful.

Through self-awareness and empathy, your team members’ ability to embrace their differing work styles can set the stage for top-notch team dynamics regardless of where each individual is located.

4 Manager tips to enhance Hybrid Team dynamics

TeamsDifferent team members have different work styles.

Some focus on innovation, others on process. Some employees are people-focused and others focus on results.

Each of these work styles plays out differently depending on whether you are managing an employee in the office or a remote employee working from home.

In The Predictive Index white paper, Managing a Hybrid Team, you can learn how your employees will show up at work in different ways and moods. It depends on where they work, home or office, and their type of personality.

Get some important insights on how your employees will behave and some great tips to effectively manage your hybrid team.

Create a solid WFM and WFO foundation

Whatever your team’s mix of preferred work styles, and whether they are remote or together in an office, there are certain foundations a team must have in order to be successful in a hybrid work environment.

In addition to the behavioural checkpoints that you can read about in the report from The Predictive Index, take some time to check in with your team on these four points:

  • Access to Technology: Ensure your team has the resources necessary to collaborate effectively when in separate locations.
  • Your Communication Habits: Establish agreed upon channels of communication across the team.
  • Your Company Culture: Decide as a team how you will get your work done together.
  • Spirit of Trust: Empower your team members to manage their schedules in the way that best maximizes their productivity.

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