Executive Search and Recruitment for Management Positions

Tom Sorensen has been Thailand’s leading headhunter since 2003 and has helped hundreds of clients find candidates for management positions. See what people say about him, here.

Tom works at Boyden Thailand and provides retained recruitment services to multinational and Thai organisations that are looking to fill management positions and senior level roles.

Boyden Thailand is one of Boyden’s strategically located Asia-Pacific offices, and part of our global reach spanning over 40 countries.

Boyden’s multinational presence and local expertise are integral to our approach. They enable our associates to help clients in the public and private sectors find the right leadership, wherever they need them.

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Resume Writing Service

Are you not getting any job interviews?

Are you someone who is struggling to write your own resume? Or perhaps cannot find the time and place to learn best practice in resume writing?

They say it takes just 6 seconds for a recruiter to skim your profile, then decide if it’s the delete button, to return your document to the big black resume hole, never to be seen again – or if your document is put aside for a closer look a bit later.

A robot will probably read your resume before a human does!   With the big volumes of CV and Resumes that executive search firms, recruitment companies, and even the Corporate HR departments handle nowadays, these companies are most likely using an ATS software to automate the screening. ATS is an Applicant Tracking System.

You may not be able to control what the recruiter does, but with my help, your resume will make it past the ATS screen and onto a real person for review.

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Psychometric and Personality Online Assessment;

The Work Behavior Inventory (WBI) Identifies Superior Employees

Hiring people with the “right stuff” and matching an employee’s characteristics to work requirements are two of the most important decisions that organizations make. Making the wrong decisions can cost thousands of dollars in training, reduced productivity, and missed business opportunity.

Identifying the work behaviors, or work styles, of individuals, is key to effective employee selection and development. Research has shown that for many types of jobs, the work styles of employees are far more important than cognitive ability or even proven successful prior experience. But, how do you determine whether individuals have the right work styles for your jobs?

The Big Five Personality Factors is the key to look deeper into the candidate’s personality. See what the Big Five means to your success of hiring the right employee.

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Background Investigation of Candidates

Careful screening of potential and current employees can prevent unpleasant and expensive surprises.

Background screening investigation services include credit checks, criminal record checks, verification of previous employment, educattonal background, checking of references and verification of personal information.

We help you with background screening and employee screening to help keep your organizations safe and profitable by protecting against the numerous pitfalls caused by unqualified, unethical, dangerous or criminal employees.

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Available Jobs

We have listed only a selection of search assignments that we are currently conducting for our clients.

We have other search assignments, which are of a confidential nature and therefore not displayed on this web site as requested by our clients.

See here what more search assignments we are working on.