Are you in pain because of recruitment issues in your company?

  • Post published:06/07/2022
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IMG-0437Just one of these following 8 scenarios is enough to freak out any Hiring- and HR Manager.

We talk about late evenings at the office.

A bit of work over the weekend.

Little time to recharge and be with your family and friends.

  1. You have no real HR support and are not an expert in interviewing, recruiting, or onboarding?
  2. You have a massive personal workload with many deadlines?
  3. You just had a key person resign?
  4. You are suffering from high turnover in the team?
  5. You just won a massive piece of work from one of your clients?
  6. You are under pressure from head office to perform or deliver results?
  7. Your high season is just about to start, and the pressure is on?
  8. It’s salary review time, you know your staff are underpaid and will ask for raises and bonus?

Meet Thailand’s Most Recognized Headhunter

Tom Sorensen has been Thailand’s most recognized headhunter since 2003 – so for nearly 20 years. He is behind true innovation in the recruitment profession by offering fees and value-added services that you do not find elsewhere.

  • Retained executive search for permanent positions together with NPAworldwide and a vast array of psychometric and cognitive assessment tools from The Predictive Index used for hiring and HR/OD Development.

Strong track record of recruiting for C-level, Managing Director, Country Manager, and other senior executives in a range of functions including accounting, finance, HR, IT, sales & marketing, engineering, operations, logistics & supply chain.

  • Industry experience spanning industrial, manufacturing, services and trade including eCommerce, energy, logistics, supply chain, consumer products, financial services, professional services, technology, media, telecom, and travel & tourism.

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We are never the low-price provider but ask yourself what hundreds of clients see in us, versus the competition, that leads them to pay a little more for our solutions?

Is it not time for you to find out for yourself?

Tom Sorensen

Tom Sorensen is an executive search veteran with over 25 years of experience recruiting in Asia, Europe, and Africa. He has worked in executive search in Thailand since 2003 and is recognized as one of the country’s top recruiters and most profiled headhunters.