Why should someone come work for you?

  • Post published:02/08/2023
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WelcomeIf you cannot give at least 10 great reasons, why someone should come and work for you, then you could be in trouble.

I asked a client that question recently when we met for a job brief on a search we were going to do.

The Managing Director laughed and said: “Are you kidding me? Is that the most difficult question you have?”

My answer: Yes. Wait and see.

She started by quickly reeling off these three reasons

  1. Our company in Thailand is a subsidiary of a multinational company.
  2. We are one of the global leaders in our niche industry.
  3. We have a beautiful office here at Sathorn Road (Central Business District of Bangkok).

Then she went quiet. Her hand ending up under her chin and with eyes looking up as she desperately searched for more.

She gave up, apologized. Admitted it was a tough tough question that she had not expected and prepared for.

We quickly agreed that probably there were another 100 companies in Bangkok’s Central Business District that could claim the same three great reasons.

But the question that remained was still: What set the MD’s company apart from other hiring companies?

USP and EVP, same same but different

EVP and USPIn sales and marketing, we call it USP, Unique Selling Points.

In Human Resources and Talent Acquisition, we call it EVP, the Employee Value Proposition.

Your company EVP must be unique, relevant, and convincing so it drives the candidates’ interest in your company.

Here are three simple questions that you can ask the company stakeholders and more importantly your existing staff who can tell you why they love working for you.

  1. Why do people join your organisation?
  2. Why do they stay?
  3. Why do they leave?

10 Employee Value Proposition examples

  1. Reporting to the Global Head of your function who sits in Europe. Dotted line to the CEO of Thailand.
  2. Onboarding includes 14 days at the head office in Europe between the fourth and sixth month of your employment.
  3. Hybrid work model with a minimum of two days at the office (WFO) and the rest Work from Home (WFH).
  4. The company pays for your internet connection at home and provides an Electricity Allowance of 1,500 baht per month.
  5. Flextime where you can check in at the office between 7am and 12 noon, then work eight hours from you arrive.
  6. Free breakfast and lunch at the office, free coffee and refreshments at our Office Café.
  7. A laptop with the latest specs; plus a mobile telephone of your choice at max 35,000 baht. All paid for by the company including the actual mobile telephone expenses.
  8. Company car type Toyota Camry with gasoline and expenses paid for.
  9. Annual leave of 20 days plus 15 Thai national holidays.
  10. Provident fund matching your own contribution but max 10% of your salary. You will get 100% of the company contributions whenever and if you resign.

Don’t make a fool of yourself

IMG-0474Don’t make a fool of yourself when your HR Manager, or your third-party external recruiter, asks you the question.

Or God forbid, when a candidate you are interviewing is asking: Why should I come and work for you and your company?

Good luck.

Tom Sorensen

Tom Sorensen is an executive search veteran with over 25 years of experience recruiting in Asia, Europe, and Africa. He has worked in executive search in Thailand since 2003 and is recognized as one of the country’s top recruiters and most profiled headhunters.