This one reason to delete your LinkedIn profile

  • Post published:18/10/2023
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LinkedIn imageIt’s better not to be on LinkedIn… than to be there with an outdated and not-completed profile.

That’s it. I could end this blog right here. But no, I won’t. You gotta read this.

I often talk to executives who ask how important a LinkedIn profile really is.

Their argument, that they have a profile but never use LinkedIn to connect with others, read blogs and news, or post their own updates.


Have you been living under a rock?

Perhaps you are not a frequent user of LinkedIn, but the rest of the world will look you up.

To begin with, that includes your boss, your head office, your colleagues, your staff, your suppliers and customers. Next, recruiters, headhunters, friends, and family.

You decide if this is important to you

  • Is it important to you that all these groups above get a good impression?
  • Is it important that they see you as a professional business executive?
  • Is personal branding yourself good for your reputation in the community?

Having an updated and complete LinkedIn profile is important for several reasons, and neglecting to do so can have a negative impact on your professional reputation and opportunities.

8 reasons why it’s bad not to maintain your LinkedIn profile

SorryHere are eight reasons why it’s a bad idea not to maintain an updated and complete LinkedIn profile:

1.Professional Visibility: LinkedIn is often one of the first places people look when researching your professional background. An incomplete profile can make you appear disengaged, unprofessional, or even untrustworthy to those who view it.

2.Professional Credibility: A complete and up-to-date LinkedIn profile signals to others that you take your professional image seriously and are actively engaged in your field. It can enhance your credibility in the eyes of peers, clients, and potential employers.

3.Branding and Personal Brand: Your LinkedIn profile is an extension of your personal brand. An incomplete profile can harm your professional image and hinder your ability to showcase your skills, achievements, and expertise.

4.Missed Networking Opportunities: LinkedIn is a valuable platform for networking with professionals in your industry. An incomplete or outdated profile may deter potential connections and limit your ability to establish valuable relationships with peers, mentors, and potential employers or clients.

5.Job Opportunities: Many employers and recruiters use LinkedIn to search for potential candidates. An incomplete profile could prevent you from being discovered or considered for job opportunities, potentially limiting your career prospects.

6.Skill Endorsements and Recommendations: Having a complete profile allows you to receive endorsements and recommendations from colleagues, supervisors, or mentors, which can enhance your credibility and demonstrate your skills and qualities to others.

7.Learning and Growth: LinkedIn provides a platform for ongoing learning and development. You can follow thought leaders, join professional groups, and stay informed about industry trends. An incomplete profile may limit your access to these resources.

8.Research and Market Insights: LinkedIn can be a valuable resource for researching potential employers, industries, and competitors. An incomplete profile could hinder your ability to gather relevant information for informed decision-making.

Neglecting your LinkedIn profile is shooting yourself in the foot

Shoot yourself in the footIn summary, having an updated and complete LinkedIn profile is essential for networking, career advancement, professional visibility, and personal branding.

Ignoring your LinkedIn profile can limit your opportunities and hinder your professional progress.

Sure, it’s considered a bad idea to let your LinkedIn profile become outdated or incomplete if you want to make the most of your professional presence on the platform.

It’s better not to be on LinkedIn… than to be there with an outdated and not-completed profile.

Tom Sorensen, Headhunter

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