Use this crystal ball when hiring staff and get to the truth

  • Post published:28/06/2023
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coin flipIn fact, some hiring managers would be better off flipping a coin to decide if it’s hire or not-hire. At least there is a 50% chance of getting it right.

And that is just so much better than trusting your gut or falling for the candidate’s dance when they turn up speaking in perfect English, professionally dressed, and super prepared for the toughest of interviews.

We all know that hiring people is a calculated risk. But how do you “calculate” the risk? How do you minimize that risk? What are the best tools at hand to help you get it right – before it’s too late?

Why do we behave as we do? That question has preoccupied psychologists and researchers forever.

Fortunately, human behaviour is no mystery. We actually know a great deal about why people behave as they do. So when you compare candidates, you can benefit from well-researched theories and modern assessment science.

Knowing the origin of personality and some specifics regarding important workplace-impacting drives can give managers and companies an incredible tool when they hire people.

4 things to measure to improve your hiring quality

Crystal ballThe crystal ball as we call it when we want to look into the future.

Imagine you could measure the personality and behaviour of your candidates on these four dimensions, each on a scale from 1 to 10.

The four things are called factors and are Dominance, Extraversion, Patience, and Formality.

Once you know someone’s profile, you gain insight into what their workplace behaviours are, how to work with them more effectively and what kind of traps and pitfalls they may fall into.

I’m sure you will agree that such insight would be a tremendous asset to have when you are trying to understand the candidate’s personality.

Dominance factor

This is the drive to use your influence on people or events. The question is if you are looking for a follower (low dominance factor) or for a leader (high dominance factor)?

Are you hiring for a Customer Service position with keywords like Friendly, Understanding, Agreeable and Supportive?

Or is it candidates for a leadership position, say, Managing Director, the keywords would be Results Oriented, Determined, Assertive, and Aggressive.

Extraversion factor

This factor is the need for social interaction with other people. Where on the scale from low extraversion to high is your perfect candidate?

A low extraversion factor means a person who is quiet, private, and reflective. What we often see in positions like accounting, audit, engineering, and back office.

On the other hand, if you are looking for an extrovert the keywords include social, talkative, influential, and supreme networker. Yes, sales and PR come to mind.

Patience factor

Patience is the drive to have consistency and stability in one’s work environment. Or perhaps no need whatsoever.

A high-patience employee is calm, stable, steady, and not in a hurry. He’s happy to perform routine work over a long period of time. He’s most comfortable with the familiar and accepting things exactly as they are. Is this the profile you are looking for?

A low-patience employee will be restless and driving. She is a multi-tasker and wants action, is impatient and dynamic. Everything about her is fast-paced.

Formality factor

Formality is the drive to which extent you agree to follow rules and structure. Or not at all.

The high-formality employee takes a diligent serious approach and is well-organized in her work. She is determined to get things right, is a perfectionist with attention to detail. As a result, she’s cautious and hesitant to take risks. Are you thinking accountant, auditor, lawyer, HSE and compliance?

On the opposite scale of the formality factory, we have an employee who is informal, casual, and spontaneous. Someone who thrives when there is no structure but more freedom. He’s extremely tolerant of uncertainty.

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