Executive Recruitment

Are you in pain because of recruitment issues in your organization?

Just one of these 9 scenarios is enough to stress anyone out. Add a couple of more, and we talk about late evenings at the office, a bit of work over the weekend with little time to recharge and be with your family and friends.

Let a professional headhunter give you a hand. Email or call me and hear for yourself why I’m still going strong after nearly 20 years in the headhunting business in Thailand.

  • You have a massive personal workload with many deadlines?
  • You just had a key person resign?
  • You are suffering from high turnover in the team?
  • You just won a massive piece of work from one of your clients?
  • You are under pressure from head office to perform or deliver results?
  • You have no real HR support, maybe no admin support, and are clearly not an expert in interviewing, recruiting, hiring or onboarding?
  • A direct competitor just launched a new product or service, and you are have immediate pressure to compete?
  • Your high season is just about to start, and the pressure is on?
  • It’s salary review time, and you know your staff are underpaid and will be asking for raises and bonus?

Tom Sorensen Co., Ltd. is a retained recruitment service to multinational and Thai organisations that are looking to fill management positions and senior-level roles in Thailand.

Tom Sorensen Full Profile and Contact

Tom has been Thailand’s most recognised headhunter since 2003. He has innovated the industry by offering value-added services that you do not find elsewhere.

He has a distinguished 25-year career in executive search in Asia, Europe, and Africa, including extensive experience in the Thai market

  • Provides retained executive search for permanent and interim positions, as well as human capital consulting, including career transition and a vast array of assessment tools
  • Strong track record of recruiting C-level and other senior executives in a range of functions including accounting, finance, HR, IT, sales & marketing, engineering, operations, logistics & supply chain
  • Industry experience spanning industrial, manufacturing, energy; logistics, supply chain; consumer products; financial services; professional services; technology, media, telecom; travel & tourism
Premium Headhunting at its best

Tom Sorensen is a specialist executive search boutique firm at the top of the local recruitment market. For almost 20 years we continue to lead innovation in the executive search profession.

As a multi-specialist we focus on strategic search and recruitment for positions where leadership and management skills are required.

  • we do not sell resumes – we deliver candidates
  • we do not shop on job boards and the Internet – we hunt people

Successfully meeting your needs is our highest priority so when it comes to best hiring practices, taking short cuts for the sake of expediency is not an option.

We’ve successfully found talented candidates for industries such as manufacturing, consumer goods and retail, energy and power, industrial and machinery, and logistics and transport.

These candidates have filled a range of functions from sales and marketing team members to engineering, operations and project staff to managing directors and chief executive officers.

We help clients find candidates for permanent as well as interim positions in Thailand. 

Assessment tools that help improve the hiring of people are also part of our portfolio.

For permanent positions our approach may at first appear similar to most executive search and selection companies; but what sets us apart is the ability to leverage the knowledge of our contacts in the client’s industry to ensure we reach the widest selection of candidates on our clients’ behalf, and as a result, deliver the best available choice.

Our recruitment process consists of a needs analysis, development and implementation of a catchment strategy, the screening and interview process, assessment, personal analysis by a third party, an English test, employment offer presentation, salary negotiation, preparation of a letter of employment, resignation guidance, reference taking, and a pre-employment medical check-up. We work closely with the clients’ top executives, the hiring managers and HR departments.

Retained search not only provides you with a dedicated team for the duration of the search, it also provides value added services that are all included in the fee. Forget contingency recruitment, which is based on speed with little concern for quality – a type of service best described as low-cost recruitment.

A retained recruiter will spend time to get things right and to ensure the processes are in accordance with the firm’s methodology. A contingency recruiter will likely be quicker but will typically deliver more resumes just to improve the odds of having a successful placement. And if a job is not a quick fix, a contingency recruiter gives up and quickly moves on to the next call where they believe they can get an easier win.

  • Companies not using assessment tools to help in the process of deciding who to hire are really missing out on getting as many angles to a prospective candidate as possible. Reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates should only be the first two steps out of a possible ten.
  • Admittedly, having 10 steps does not guarantee that a hire will work out, but it’s proven that many combined activities in the process come a lot closer to predicting work behaviours and performance than just one or two steps.

Being a professional headhunter is the ultimate career goal for staff in the recruitment industry. For 99% it remains a dream because the skill set required is unique and demanding. Few have the perfect combination of influence, persistence, resilience, network, and passion. 

To help our clients find candidates they can’t, our consultants are not only trained in the art of headhunting during the months of onboarding, but continuously receive training and coaching throughout their career at Tom Sorensen. We pride ourselves on being a learning organisation and for being the perfect place for people and recruiters to learn the ropes of executive recruitment and executive search.

With almost 20 years in the search business in Thailand, many clients and candidates have praised our service – just look at our credentials and recently completed assignments. Read here.