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Happy New Year to all Best Practice Executive Recruitment followers and readers. 

2018 was a record year for Boyden Thailand, in search assignments and income. Some believe the best ever in our history. But hey, we have been in Thailand for 35 years, that’s a lot of history and numbers to remember.

Thank you to our many clients, Human Resources & Talent Acquisition leaders as well as hiring managers, who keep supporting Boyden Thailand.

We will continue to help clients find candidates they cannot find themselves. We will continue to innovate our services and offer a portfolio of added value benefits that you don’t find anywhere else. Trust my clients, that’s what they tell me.

If you want to learn more about why Boyden is continuously ranked in the world’s Top 10 by Forbes, if you want to consider an alternative to your own internal hiring solution, perhaps consider changing from another recruitment or executive search firm, you know where to find me.

Send me an email now, let’s talk: tsorensen@boyden.com or call my directly on +66 8 1917 5828.

Here’s to your success in 2019.


Tom Sorensen… on my 16th year as a Headhunter in Thailand

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