Are You Still in the Dark How to Lead Your Organization in a Digital World?

Boyden surveys conclude that whilst many leaders feel equipped to deal with the challenges presented by this new dawn, many are still in the dark.

Leaders know they should be doing something, but they are not always aware of what it is they should be doing. Is that you?

Ongoing challenges

It leads us to the ongoing challenge, of companies not only being able to attract the best talent but also retaining that talent.

When an old-fashioned industrial manufacturing company wants to attract digital talent, quite often there is a significant cultural shift required on behalf of the business in order to retain this in demand and often high maintenance talent.

Companies with greater diversity are reported to be more innovative and more profitable. Simply hiring more diverse people is only a small step in solving the issue, inclusion is key. An inclusive culture is critical in retaining talent and creating an environment where there is the freedom to think differently.

An inclusive culture involves the full and successful integration of diverse people into a workplace or industry. An inclusive workplace is a working environment that values the individual and group differences within its workforce. An inclusive culture and workplace make diverse employees feel valued, welcome, and integrated.

There is no doubt that Executives in today’s world are under an immense amount of pressure. The pace of change through technology, the increased threat of cyber attacks, the need to run businesses in a sustainable manner as well as the ongoing war for talent presents more and more challenges for Executive Leaders.

The Future of Jobs

In The World Economic Forum’s 2018 report, Future of Jobs, there are still reports of huge barriers adopting new technologies.

  • Automotive, aerospace and supply chain are local labour market constraints and skills gaps (59%)
  • Lack of understanding around the opportunities (59%)
  • Lack of skills and leadership (41%)

In the consumer sector, barriers to adoption of new technologies were:

  • 77% don’t understand the opportunities
  • 57% of local labour and skills issues
  • 57% lacking leadership skills

The report also states the two job types perceived by respondents as critically important in 2020 were data analysts and specialised sales representatives.

Boyden’s Research

Boyden has conducted its own research and Senior Executive Surveys, such as AI and the Consumer & Retail Revolution and Growth Mindset: Automotive Leadership in Disruptive times.

Boyden has a strong track record of working with many organisations across all sectors in assessing current leadership capability and providing Executive Search for management positions.

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