Once upon a time, Tom was an ordinary candidate

Once upon a time, Tom Sorensen, was an ordinary candidate who experienced almost every job search faux pas in the book. Today, he’s an accomplished search consultant with over 35 years’ experience and recognized as one of Thailand’s top recruiters.

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I was talking to HR leaders the other day. You have heard and seen me before talking about how to measure candidate intelligence and personality. You know I am a big believer of using assessment tools when you hire people.

Still can’t get my head around why so many hiring managers trust their gut instead of using very inexpensive proven cognitive and psychometric tools that are so easily available. You can always ask me how it works. Watch a clip of the two minute video that was taken at the event.

2 thoughts on “Once upon a time, Tom was an ordinary candidate

  1. And that’s exactly how psychometric assessment should be used; just as you do. In assessing qualifications of a candidate, you must try to get as many pieces to the jigsaw puzzle you are putting together. The more pieces you have, the clearer a picture you will get = better hiring decisions.

  2. It is a Science Vs Arts question? isn’t it? I do use psychometric testing but it is more to support or dispute what I garner from an interview. My interview inference is not merely a gut feel but is more information collected from the various interactions with the candidate including the interview. On a different note I am not a big fan of reference checks. Would love to know other peoples thoughts on this.

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