Forbes Survey — You can vote for the World’s Best Recruiting Firms

I like to ask you to help me push Boyden to the top of the list for this year’s 250 Best Recruiting Firms. This is the fourth year that Forbes is running this survey. The previous years, Boyden has been in the Top 10 of the 250 firms surveyed.

It will take you 4 minutes to fill out this brief survey by Forbes Magazine.

The survey closes at the end of the week 26 January – so please share as soon as you can.

The link to the survey:

You are most welcome to forward this email to your network. In fact, please do so.

Just a note: While the survey is titled “America’s Best Recruiting Firms” it is considered a global and international survey. Forbes Magazine is an international publication and most of the firms on the list operate worldwide.
If you are asked to select a US State, choose New York where Boyden is headquartered.

World Class online cloud assessment tools for HR and Hiring Managers now available in Thailand

The Predictive Index assessment tools help you select the best candidates and applicants. You can stop guessing; stop trusting your guts, and stop being an amateur hiring manager.

Even small and medium-sized companies can now use the same tools that the world’s largest multinational and conglomerates have done successfully for years and years. Continue reading “World Class online cloud assessment tools for HR and Hiring Managers now available in Thailand”

Is there a future for executive search?

Survival of the Fittest perhaps?

Leading executive search firms of the future will be the ones who adapt and fit around expanding technology. Firms who provide a personalised service to clients rather than a “one size fits all” approach which we are seeing with some majors where in the end, the client feels oversold.

The future of executive search is exceptionally bright. Read more. Continue reading “Is there a future for executive search?”

Why headhunters don’t answer your emails or calls

Personally, I absolutely hated headhunters.

Once upon a time is the phrase which begins fairy tales and fabulous stories set in some unspecified moment in the past. Except for the story, you are about to read. There is nothing fairy or fabulous about this real-life experience of mine.

My story starts like this: Once upon a time when I was a candidate myself. Continue reading “Why headhunters don’t answer your emails or calls”

Too many employers treat candidates like dirt

Bad hiring practises ruin your company’s image and brand. Full stop! Why do top executives let this happen? Why does this improper behaviour by hiring organizations and managers continue to be a subject in my articles?

Dear Managing Director, Dear Marketing Vice President, Dear Board of Directors,

You should really be protesting vigorously about these destructive manners, because they are causing great damages to your company’s reputation. Continue reading “Too many employers treat candidates like dirt”

25 things to never put on your résumé

The résumé is a two-page marketing pitch document. The purpose: To get you an interview. And no, the résumé is not to get you a job; it’s the job interview that is meant to provide you with a job opportunity and offer.

The CV is a long-many-page document that I call the Career Balance Sheet. It’s a document you keep for yourself, and from which you copy the relevant information and paste on to a two-page résumé. That way, the résumé becomes a summary of your CV. Continue reading “25 things to never put on your résumé”

A busy September with three speaking events

Thank you AMCHAM, EGN and PMI for inviting me to address your members at three events this September. Subjects: Board of Governors’ nominations; Personal Branding; and Headhunter Secrets.


5 Tips to Help Older Job Seekers Age-Proof Their Resumes

Hello Baby Boomers, all of you born between 1946 and 1964 (BE2489-2507) – or about 25% of the world’s population. has reported, that the largest-ever study of age discrimination has found that employers regularly overlook middle-aged and older workers based only on their resumés.

Age proof your Resume with these 5 tips Continue reading “5 Tips to Help Older Job Seekers Age-Proof Their Resumes”

Should I ever trust my gut feeling when interviewing candidates?

The short answer is no and never! Using your gut is similar to scratching the surface of something; to examine and discover only the superficial aspects of something or in this case a candidate. You would be better off flipping a coin; at least you have 50% chance of getting it right.

We call it the Four A Syndrome, because when you trust your gut, you are assessing a candidate’s presentation skills over business performance and substance. The four A’s are: Continue reading “Should I ever trust my gut feeling when interviewing candidates?”

Top 6 articles I’ve published in 10 years of blogging

Can you remember what you were doing in July 2009 – 10 years ago? For sure, we were not yet talking about AI, IoT, SEO, Uber, Instagram, iPad and it was still very early days for Airbnb, Spotify, GPS on mobile, and even LinkedIn.

But it was in July 2009 that I created my web site and published my first ever story. Read it here. Continue reading “Top 6 articles I’ve published in 10 years of blogging”